No New Years Resolutions for Me

It's been over two years since I logged on for a new post.  Seriously?  Has life gotten that crazy?  Yeah...adding a third precious child, homeschooling, and working from home seriously rocked my world.  We enjoyed a beautiful and loving ministry at Corinth Church in those two years I have been MIA from the blogosphere. As of October 2017, we are Pennsylvania dwellers.  God called us to change our place of ministry back in May.  Since then we visited a few churches sharing the calling God gave our family.  The "arctic" air is definitely an adjustment for my southern soul.  I feel like a sense of normalcy is finally falling into place in our home.  Months of transition, traveling, packing, and unpacking can definitely wreak havoc to schedules.

An update is not the purpose of my need to write today.  It comes from a longing to be intentional.  After four years of skipping resolutions and choosing a word for the year, I wanted to write about this years' word choice.  "INTENTONAL."  No more coasting for me.  I am tired of being tired, and living in survival mode.  Have you been in that place too?  Trying to just get the daily deeds and chores accomplished with it beginning again every day.  I mean really, my little people can dirty the most clothes and need to eat like all. the. time. Not complaining, about that though...because it means we have clothes to wear and food to eat.

In 2018, I am committing to living this one life intentionally.  So in a sense this one word sparks many patterns I want to change this year.  Many things I want to accomplish, but in a nutshell I want my life to be one of purpose.
This year I am
(1) Intentionally leaning on my Savior everyday in a personal relationship.
(2)Intentionally learning new ways to love my husband and support him in this new phase of our lives.
(3) Intentionally leading my children in how to love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, and minds.
(4) Intentionally loving my friends and purposing to see them as Jesus does.
(5) Intentionally reaching out to "neighbors" in our community.

This one word lends itself to every area of life.  Like a quote I have loved since the moment I heard it, "Only one life, will soon be past.  Only what's done for Christ will last."  Psalms 90:12; So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

One daily surrender.  One minute by minute choice to live life intentionally leaning, learning, leading, loving, and reaching.  If you choose a word for the year, please, add it to the comments below.


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