Counting My Blessings

It's not November, and yet...I can't think of a better moment to just sit and bask in the goodness of our Great God.  Currently I am reading along with the "Love God Greatly" Bible study through James. One of the verses to SOAP this week was found in James 1:17 it states, "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above..."  So as I type these words, I'm just counting my blessings.  Every day. Every breath is one of the good gifts from our Father.  Every moment with my husband.  Every smile from my sweet E babies (not so much babies anymore) is a perfect from above.  Every sip of coffee is his sweet grace.

My Joshua recently wrote an update on life in Pennsylvania, and intentions. While that is definitely a real life account about how we may think things will go versus how they actually happen. He reminded me of the assurance and hope we have in Jesus.  There are so many things that have been unexpected blessings.  For instance, the sweet friendships with our ladies at church.  The calls...texts...connections.  God is good.  I need these relationships, and am so thankful for God's provision.   Another blessing is how God is working behind the scenes in our search for a house.  Our landlord is also our realtor...and he is a Christian.  He was actually Josh's first call when inquiring about a place to rent/ buy before we moved up here.  When we had a hard time finding a place to rent, he offered to let us stay in one of his properties that his son was moving out of.  Since Josh's update ten days ago, we have been approved for a loan.  We are even in the process of getting a home.  Our God is good.

In the workplace, Josh has had many conversations with the men he works with, and is seeing the workplace as a mission field.  If you saw the photo in his blog post, that is the ES3 factory...each person an opportunity to share Jesus.  He has told me it is definitely a good opportunity to learn Spanish (another good gift).  We have both had a passion for reaching the Latino community for a while,  and kept talking about learning Spanish.  Since 90% of the day shift he works with speak Spanish, his vocab book has been on hand to pick up new words and phrases. 

VIPKID has been another blessing while being up here.  I have been able to teach classes while our babies sleep in the morning, and this income has provided for our rent each month!  Back in April when I was hired, I had no idea this is how God would use this job for our family.  He is good.

Just for fun...these snow days have been amazing.  I feel like a child all over again, as the E babies and I all stare out the window cheering when the snow falls.  We made our first "Frosty" this week!  He looks a bit distorted, but Ethan was just so excited to have a snowman!  Snow ball fights, snowmen, hot chocolate, hot tea, mittens...All. Good. Gifts.

Answered prayer!  We began teaching the teen Sunday School class the first Sunday in January.  Last Sunday our class grew from three awesome teens to seven!!!  We are so excited about working with this amazing group. God has great things planned.

Moving up to PA may not be quite as "easy" as I imagined, but in it all God is faithful.  He has been so good to us each and every day.  He gives blessings in every heart beat, and many are quite unexpected.  Do I live these truths all the time?  No.  I doubt, question, and worry at times.  But that is why I need to continually count my blessings. 

Take a listen to this song :)


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