Elliot is 3, already!

How can three years have passed already?  Our little Houston baby has grown up into a sweet, loving, rambunctious, cutie pie.
Your curls make me smile.  Your dance moves make me laugh.  The way you run up and say "HUG" with outstretched arms melts my heart.  It seems like I blinked a little too long and you grew up on me!  This season you are in is one of my favorites.  Difficult, but oh so fun!  And the twinkle in your eyes makes me want to pull you in for a quick hug many times over in the day.

How I pray that you see Jesus in us.  We pray that He grow you into a mighty warrior, and that all of your perseverance will be put to use for kingdom work.  But even though that day seems so very far away, it will be here before I'm ready to let go.  So know that even on the days I seem a little frazzled or weary from too many "glasses of spilled milk," or the volume in our home being unseemingly loud due to the amazing fact we have three precious little ones running around; I love you beyond description.  You are a gift from God, one that we cherish.  Your vivacious spirit and love for others warms my heart.  Seeing you give your baby sister hugs is just the beginning of a strong bond you will share.  The way I see you look up to Ethan and follow in his steps is the start of a lifelong friendship.  I am so thankful for you, my baby boy!
Love you forever,


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