Mommy Theology- Believing God

A Day at the zoo
One happy Nana & Mommy on Mother's Day.

The last few weeks I've been sharing and updating with thoughts as my Momma discovered she had a tumor on her spine in April. Thank you all for praying with our family for good reports and her healing. This past Monday, she called me with answered prayer that the tumor is benign!
 In this, I have learned many lessons about God's sovereignty, praising Him in all circumstances, and more so about believing Him and His promises. So many times, I take the safe route in praying. Asking God for the little things, praying for things I am pretty sure He will say yes to. Yes, it is good to pray about every , but it's time to stop praying just the “safe prayers." We are to pray believing He will do as He has promised. He will answer us. He does work everything together for good to those who trust Him. When my Momma called me with this good report, obviously I was excited- yet sadly, even though I knew God could heal her, I was in a loss of words. Even though I was praying for her healing I was mentally preparing myself for the worst case scenario. I questioned God, asking Him if she had not already endured enough physically with paralysis (that he healed her from), fibromyalgia,and rheumatoid arthritis--why this too?  He worked tenderly in my heart.  Drawing me to Himself so gracefully each morning during our time together.  Calming my anxious heart with His sweet peace. In His mercy He chose for there to be no cancer present. So with the man in Mark 9:24 I say, “Lord, I believe; help mine unbelief."  This past weekend we were able to celebrate Daddy's 55th Birthday and then Mother's day together.

Papa's buddy

Mom was the special speaker at our Ladies brunch during Sunday School.
She did a fabulous job!


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