Rainy Zoo Day

 Yesterday, we went to the zoo {yes, we love it!}.  After checking the forecast several times, we decided it was a go!  Just minutes after we got there, the rain came. Not just a sprinkle, but a downpour!  We weren't the only ones caught off guard...the zoo was busy, and ponchos were everywhere.  So a very long train ride was in order, and we had so much fun!
 These little men had fun taking pictures of themselves while waiting for the ride to begin :)

 This little miss enjoyed herself too, but I definitely saw a big difference in my boys and this darling during the rain.  As the little guys hopped off the train, the rain didn't phase them!  They splashed, jumped, and danced without any complaint :)  Miss E was sitting in the stroller with the cover over most of her, but wasn't too happy until the umbrella was also.  {I wish I'd have taken a picture :/}
 So thankful for family days, even in the rain!

Ethan making faces with his favorite animal :)


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