My Favorite 2014 Moments

1. Eliana Joy's BIRTHday on July 11.
The most amazing moment of 2014 was hearing our little girl's cries and seeing her daddy instantly in love all over again.  God's goodness in creating family is a miracle, and having both of our families here was so special.

2. Celebrating our 5th Anniversary
Five years, it's been so much fun being married to my Joshua; that it's hard to believe it's been five years!  A month early we visited Beaufort, SC the same place we celebrated our first anniversary. The last time we took a photo there, we were expecting our first little miracle.  Then, on our anniversary, we took the boys and had fun at the Blueberry Festival in town; and went out to eat.

3. Birthdays
Joshua's birthday was celebrated in Maryland and it worked out that his Dad and Grandma could be with us to celebrate his 28th birthday!  Chipotle was the restaurant of choice :)
Elliot turned two this summer and we celebrated his special day at a playground, took him to pick out a new toy, and had cupcakes in church with his Sunday School Class.  We had a special party for him with both Josh's mom and brother and my parents while they visited.
Ethan turned four this summer!  Nana & Papa were here to celebrate on his special day.  We also took him to play, out for dessert, and to pick out a toy; we also had some pinata fun.

Our church family gave me a surprise party on the Wednesday of my birthday :)
4.Time with Texas Friends
After two years of ministry in Texas our time there came to a close this March.  We are so thankful for the dear friends we made that feel like family.  We had our middle baby in Houston, and were joyed to discover our little girl was on her way there.
We developed a special relationship with Aunt Judy while there.  Her sweet spirit is a testimony of God's goodness.  She is a sister of the heart, and her love for people is contagious.
Tea times with Mrs. Jayne are a treasure.  She and her family are so dear to us.
Little J here was our neighbor for three months.  His grandparents let us stay in their home that was for sale until we knew where God was leading us next.  We were so blessed by this sweet family.
Waiting for the garbage truck once a week was a highlight for my Ethan.  He was such a big helper bringing out his bag of trash.

5. A Visit to Maryland
We made lifetime friends in Maryland during a ministry opportunity.  These dear friends took us to Baltimore and Ethan became best buds with their sons Stone and Steel.  They came to visit with us not long after Eliana was born this summer!
6. Snow Days
These two are snow days in was a winter wonderland in March!

Elliot experienced his first snow in Texas back in January. Just flurries, but still lots of fun :)
We enjoyed snow in North Carolina in February too!
7. Spending time with our Alabama family
 We loved the times we had with our family in Alabama.  Just wish it could have lasted longer and that I would have taken more pictures.  So glad I got to meet Princess Hayden- she is a miracle!

8. A Month in South Carolina
 My bestie friend Chrystal and her family moved in with Mrs. Jo, so that we would have somewhere to stay in between ministries.  They were planning on moving in with her, but after renovations.  They were such a blessing to us in letting us live in their home for a month.  We truly experienced God's providing hand every day between preaching and work opportunities for Joshua and ladies ministry and lunch outings for me.  
 I was so glad to have some time and a cup of tea with my sweet friend Jewel!  Elliot was too :)
 Krispie Kreme was frequented...but hey...I was pregnant.
Ethan and Elliot loved the extra undivided time with Daddy!  Even though this was a trying time not knowing when and where God was going to open another door, we were able to rest and enjoy time with our family and friends.
9. Extra time with our families
 While we were in South Carolina we were able to see our families quite a bit more than we typically do.  It was nice to be with them both for Easter and Mother's Day.  this was such a sweet time.

10. God did open another door of ministry a month before Eliana was due!
 We are so blessed to be part of the ministry of Corinth Church as of May 20th.

11. Eliana's baby shower
Our Corinth ladies hosted a shower for Eliana, and blessed us so with darling dresses and gifts for our sweet girl.

12. Summer Salt

 We were able to host a community event in the Alma Park in town.  Gospel music was provided by our church folks;  Joshua shared a message; games were available; and a meal was served.  We were able to make several good contacts at this event.

 This girl has been such a blessing to our family!  She is my second pair of eyes when it comes to looking after our two little guys at events and church.  She now comes and helps us an hour before Wednesday Bible study!  Love her.

13. Slingshot VBS
The week after Eliana was born, we had VBS at church!  We are so excited about all the kids that came out.  It was a great week learning from the life of David.

14. Christmas Play
 Two weeks before Christmas our Christmas play "I Saw Salvation" was presented to a crowd of seventy people.  The cast and crew did a fantastic job, and we are so thankful for their faithfulness to practice and rehearsals.

15. A Carolina Christmas
 Eliana made her first road trip to the Carolinas, and got to meet her Memaw, Aunt Rebecca, Aunt Mary, Cryckle, and other family members.  Her first Christmas was so much fun!

 We enjoyed time at Memaw's, Nana & Papa (Pop Pop)'s, and Granny's houses.

This was the best of many :)
Eliana & her cousin Melody meeting...these two are going to be great friends.
I'm sure there were more wonderful memories, but these are definitely the top 15.  How good God has been to us.  We are so thankful for his many blessings!  Happy New Year!


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