Why I Love Being a SAHM

This feeling of gratefulness may not happen everyday at the Horton home, but after reading many mommy blogs; feeling like there's no end to the crazy- and that life will not return to normal again after our family moved and grew this summer; I welcome the Joy Dare.  SAHM- It conjures up mixed emotions in this heart of mine.  Staying home with your children is often looked down on and  can get the Mom's Night Out approach or a bad reputation because of us little mommies who get sleep deprived, caffeine fueled, and stressed out by the precious littles pulling on us 24/7.  If I'm not careful, I can focus on the negatives and share them with others thus turning into a scary mommy.  Mommydom isn't easy{by far}- this is the most difficult and rewarding vocation I've experienced.  It is a mirror, showing me faults and areas that need work daily as my sweet little imitate and repeat what they have seen and heard.  It is easy to let a few small things turn a day sour, and then feel frazzled and in need of a coffee IV.
Enter Leslie Ludy's Set Apart Motherhood.  A fresh perspective on God's intent for Motherhood.  He calls us to be a "joyful mother of children" in Psalms.  When the dishes overflow, and the laundry mounds pile up happiness can be far from sight.  But in the midst of piles and puddles, there is a treasure and a peace that can envelope the home that makes God its center.  I battle the frazzle and crazy moments each day, but there is joy to be found always!
 Yesterday was just a glimpse into my sweet Ethan's thoughts.  We bought him a map for learning the continents this week.  While we were talking about the different continents he looked at me intently and said, "Mommy, I want to go to the yellow {Asia}."  That's great buddy!  Maybe God will let you share Jesus love there.  I said.  He stopped and quickly said, "Let's pray about it!"  So right there He stopped and prayed for the first time without being prompted, "Jesus, let me fly in God's big plane to the yellow."

Tears definitely came to this Mommy's eyes as I prayed silently, "God keep His heart tender to you and your will."  Who knows how God will use this little warrior in training.
 This is why I love being a SAHM.  Moments like this!


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