Early Mornings, Cereal, Stickers, & Cars

 Mornings can come earlier than liked around here, especially when the littlest members still wake a few times at night.  It's been awhile, since a boys update; and they are doing great!  I might not have said the same thing a month ago, but now we four months into being a "big family" and some normalcy is returning to our mornings and a special time with our Elliot.
 The transition for him has been a difficult one, since he was the baby {but is reminded that he is still the baby boy regularly}.  He is a very curious little guy and is into just about everything.  Just when I think something is safe, he shows me a new way to get to it.  So, these mornings with just him are a good time for some one-on-one.  Books, coloring, and some cinnamon toast crunch are involved frequently.

This morning instead of handing little man the kindle so I could catch a few more winks, or read alone, we started the morning with some stickers and a coloring book. He is enamored with tracing his hand, and I'm quite smitten by the cute little outlines myself :)  We have at least a dozen copies of those little fingers from this morning.  Let me just brag on Little Guy for a minute :)  He is potty training, getting rid of his bottle, and sleeping in his bed part of the night.    
This summer we added two other new members to our family after Daisy's disappearance.  Charlie {brown fur baby two pictures up}and Geo {black/white fur baby above} have become Elliot's new best buddies.  In the morning he goes to the back door and greets his sweet pups.

So yeah, I still am not a fan of the time change, and am thankful for each morning Joshua gets up early with busy Elliot; but I am starting to welcome the dawn when it accompanies cereal, stickers, cars, and coffee.


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