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Why I Love Being a SAHM

This feeling of gratefulness may not happen everyday at the Horton home, but after reading many mommy blogs; feeling like there's no end to the crazy- and that life will not return to normal again after our family moved and grew this summer; I welcome the Joy Dare.  SAHM- It conjures up mixed emotions in this heart of mine.  Staying home with your children is often looked down on and  can get the Mom's Night Out approach or a bad reputation because of us little mommies who get sleep deprived, caffeine fueled, and stressed out by the precious littles pulling on us 24/7.  If I'm not careful, I can focus on the negatives and share them with others thus turning into a scary mommy.  Mommydom isn't easy{by far}- this is the most difficult and rewarding vocation I've experienced.  It is a mirror, showing me faults and areas that need work daily as my sweet little imitate and repeat what they have seen and heard.  It is easy to let a few small things turn a day sour, and t…

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Early Mornings, Cereal, Stickers, & Cars

Mornings can come earlier than liked around here, especially when the littlest members still wake a few times at night.  It's been awhile, since a boys update; and they are doing great!  I might not have said the same thing a month ago, but now we four months into being a "big family" and some normalcy is returning to our mornings and a special time with our Elliot.
 The transition for him has been a difficult one, since he was the baby {but is reminded that he is still the baby boy regularly}.  He is a very curious little guy and is into just about everything.  Just when I think something is safe, he shows me a new way to get to it.  So, these mornings with just him are a good time for some one-on-one.  Books, coloring, and some cinnamon toast crunch are involved frequently.

This morning instead of handing little man the kindle so I could catch a few more winks, or read alone, we started the morning with some stickers and a coloring book. He is enamored with tracing h…