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Mommy Theology- Our Hope

This morning I woke up with a heavy heart.  This has been going on for a couple days now.  Watching the news...keeping up with the middle East, ISIS, Ebola, our own government, Christian pastors being asked to turn over sermons in Houston.  It's enough to burden even the stoutest of hearts.  I pray often for missionary friends living in Africa, Bulgaria, the Christian mothers in the 10/40 window.  As I pray for them, I then pray "Lord, please, protect my husband and other pastors like him from persecution that could be coming sooner than later it seems.  Keep my children healthy and happy.  Protect our friends and family from these injustices also."  Worry.  It's not what God wants.  I don't want to live in it.  Yet, the what ifs get overwhelming when looking at the whole picture.  Is there any hope for the world or a peace to come to it?

YES!  Our hope is in the One who made this world.  He is holding it and all of these events in the palm of His hand.  He is in…