Happy 4th Birthday, Little Man!

August 12, 2010
 Four years ago, Ethan Nathanael entered the world and our lives were forever changed...I never would have imagined the love I could feel for this little man.  He came so quickly and has not slowed down yet.
Cake smash at his 1st Bear Birthday party.
 He tells me at least fifty times a day how much he loves me, his Daddy, Elliot, and Baby Ella.  He runs until he falls asleep; knows way more than I ever will about the many animals we read about and watch on Diego; loves to splash, skip, sing, bounce, and play.
This was before a big haircut on his second birthday.

This was his 2nd Cars Birthday party (after the haircut).
Just a year later, at his 3rd Thomas birthday!
 He is a joy and blessing to our family.  I can't believe that we will be starting preschool at home in a few weeks.  Even though I'll be teaching him, he already teaches me everyday.

Ethan, your mommy and daddy love you more than could ever be typed on this blog, but this is a small reminder of how special you are to us.  Being your mommy is one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given.  Happy Birthday, Little Man!  God has a great plan for you life.  Love Him. Trust Him.
Serve Him.

All my love,

Fun Ethan quotes:
"Mommy, big boys don't drink white milk!  They love chocolate milk!!!"
"Penguins don't fly- they waddle."
"God made EVERYTHING!!"
"I'm growing big like my Daddy."
"Superheroes like to...(whatever he has his mind set to do). " :)
"God made the trees and sky...Joseph made the sheep."
"Baby Ella can't eat cookies yet!"
"Come on, Elliot, let's go!"
"Oh man, I missed it, Elliot!"

Ethan's Favorites:
Toy-Octonauts GupX
Food-Macaroni & Cheese
Sweet-Cookies, Donuts, Icecream, fruit snacks
Fruit- Apple
Story- anything cars
Drink- Chocolate Milk & Koolaid
Place: the Zoo


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