Waiting on Eliana

THREE MORE DAYS!  This Friday we will be checking into the hospital at 5 am!  Yes, we are getting very excited around the Horton house, and with doctors orders to rest and keep my feet up as much as possible, the "to do" list will have to wait.  Joshua has been amazing keeping things running smoothly and getting as much done as possible while planning and organizing for VBS which is at the end of July.
 We had an ultrasound about four weeks ago, and here is a profile picture of our sweet little girl.  The health concerns we asked you to pray about months ago, with an antigen present in our blood and titer levels being checked every other week has stayed neutral.  Praise the Lord, our doctor does not seemed concerned that this will be a health risk!  God is so good!  Thank you for praying with us.
The boys are beyond excited (well, Ethan is; I'm not sure that Elliot is aware of the addition to our family that's coming).  Amidst the excitement my little builders helped Daddy put together a table for six so we'll have room for everyone :)  I am hoping my next update will be that our princess has arrived safe and sound, but facebook pictures will be posted before a blog post is up.


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