Introducing Miss Eliana Joy

 On July 11, 2014 at 8:08 am, the Lord blessed us with our third priceless treasure Miss Eliana Joy!  We are thrilled beyond words at how God continues to pour His love on our family.  
We were informed later that day that she had four bans showing signs of infection, possibly related to the Antigen little c that was present in our prenatal blood work and checked every other week.  So her pediatrician started her on two I.V. antibiotics.  I shouldn't have, but worried that she would not be able to come home "in time" on Sunday; but God who works all things out took away the infection and we both came home on Sunday the 13th.
 We are so grateful to each of the wonderful and caring labor and delivery nurses and Dr. Diamond on staff at Coffee Regional Medical Center that cared for our princess and her mommy.

 The sweet lady who registered me for pre op. has a photography business on the side, and she came and took some pictures of Eliana's first moments in the nursery since Daddy couldn't go inside.
 I just love this sweet image of my proud husband watching over his little girl.
 She even came by the room and took a couple more before returning to work!  Thank you so much!!!

The boys meeting their "baby Ella" as Ethan calls her.  They are in love!
More pictures to come!  We are so thankful to our families for their love and support, helping with the boys, and the housework this past weekend!  Yes, God is so good.


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