Happy 2nd Birthday, Elliot!

 Happy Birthday to our joy Boy!  Our sweet Elliot Christian turned 2 today!  He is full of energy, smiles, and into everything!  He is very inquisitive, likes to read, play with and follow his brother, lots of tickles, and will eat anything once.  He doesn't meet a stranger and loves to shake hands at church.  We are so blessed that he is part of our family!  Elliot, we love you so very much!

 June 22, 2012 just hours old.
 Photo from his birth announcement.
 September 2012- already looking up to big brother Ethan.
 December 2012- Elliot's 1st Christmas.

 Photos with Mrs. Wendy
 Happy 1st Birthday Photo session
 October 2013
 January 2014
Easter 2014

Elliot's favorites:
Color- Blue
Animal- our puppy
Place- the playground
Food- Fruit snacks
Sweet- Cookies
Drink- Milk
Think to do: Follow his big Brother
Story- David & Goliath (Boom Boom)


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