"He's Always on Time"

 We prayed, and like we knew He would God answered...exactly on time!  The last five months our family was between ministries and asking God to open a door of service.  When we moved to South Carolina a month ago, we were asked to come and visit at a church in Georgia on our way over.  We enjoyed a nice weekend with our new friends, but asked them to give us a couple weeks to pray with them about God's will and direction for their church and our family.  On May 15, we moved to Alma, Georgia where Joshua accepted the pastorate at Corinth FWB Church.
 So after moving to Texas, back to South Carolina, we are now in Georgia and feeling blessed to be apart of this new ministry.  There is much to be done as summer quickly approaches.  But the excitement we feel, and see in the church is contagious.  The boys love their new home, which Ethan endearingly refers to as Georgia's house (we are trying to explain to him Georgia is a place not a person...LOL).  Please, pray with us as we unpack and find a new doctor in the next couple weeks...ready or not Baby Eliana Joy will be joining us tentatively on July 15 (like 8 weeks!).  We are so ready to meet our sweet princess!  Thanks again, to all who prayed with us on this journey.

Our first Sunday at our new church.

Blessings from the pantry shower hosted by the WAC.
A downtown tribute to soldiers from WWI to the Korean War.


  1. What a sweet journey! It's so encouraging to see you guys are settling in and making friends. Praying for you, Joshua, and all your darling babies!

    1. Thanks Court, we are praying for you guys as you transition into your new place. Love you guys!

  2. So thankful God has given you guys and the church this great blessing!

    1. Thanks for praying & keeping up with us. You guys were such a blessing when we met back in September! Please, let us know if you are in the South Georgia area & have an opening in your itinerary.


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