B is for my Boys, Blueberries, Beaches, & Beaufort

 On our second visit to Alma, blueberry season had just begun.  The sweet folks we were staying with own 50+ acres of blueberry fields and told us to go fill up a bag with some.  The boys had alot of fun picking and tasting the delicious starburst berries.
Ethan had to keep reminding Elliot not to pick the green ones :)
 On the way back to South Carolina, we decided to take a day trip back to Beaufort, where we celebrated our first anniversary four years ago.
The boys didn't meet the height requirement to go to the top the the lighthouse keeper let them in the rotunda to explore the bottom and check out the echos.  They were mesmerized.
Four years ago in 2010, we were standing here expecting Ethan to arrive in just a couple months.  It's so neat to see where God has brought us in that time and how He has blessed our family of three which grew to five.

Elliot's first visit to the beach!
Ethan has been asking to go to the beach again since watching Curious George visit it on PBS.
My handsome boy watching the Hunting Island Lighthouse.

Getting all cleaned up after a sandy fun time.
Beaufort waterfront: photo credits to Ethan.
I am so thankful for family time and day trips, we have been blessed with extra time together lately :0)


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