Our last week in Carthage

 Our last week in Carthage was filled with several goodbyes.  I was able to surprise Joshua with a belated party with two dear couples from our church here & as you can tell he had help blowing out the candles.
 We just love these sweet folks who became like family to us during our time in Texas.  God is so good to bring people into your life just when you need them!
 Ethan & Elliot loved Cowboy (Mr. Ron).  Elliot is showing him how to work his leappad.

 We had a couple play dates with our friends across the street, it was through them that we were able to stay in the house we lived in for three months in Carthage.  
 The park was another goodbye.  The boys loved being able to walk to it from the "new house."
Another goodbye we had to make was to the goats at the zoo.

 At the same zoo, there is a lorikeet feeding area.   This is always a treat.

 This may be one of the things my little man misses most on a consistent basis.  The garbage truck picking up his bag of trash that he helped me carry out early that morning.
Yes, goodbyes are hard; but we made it through them without too many tears.  We praise the Lord for our Texas friends and what we learned while we were there.


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