13 Best Moments of 2013

2013 has come and gone.  So for a nostalgic trip down memory lane here are our 13 favorite moments from 2013!  It's hard to narrow it down to the top 13, but here goes to good times and great moments!

1. Rebecca's wedding in October!

2. Elliot's baby dedication

3. Learning Eliana Joy was on her way!
4. Zoo trips with train rides (lots of them!)

5. Family visits to Texas
6. Our last Carthage Christmas parade

7. Family Vacation to Pennsylvania (including a trip to the Creation museum)

8. Visits to Arkansas & seeing the Auftengartens

Pretty awesome that Tash & I had just found out we were expecting only a week apart!
Love these sweet friends.
9. Independence Day celebrations & a day at the park

10. Elliot's 1st & Ethan's 3rd Birthday

11. Visiting with my SC Bestie

12. Spending Christmas with our families

13. Each day with my amazing man & little men in training!


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