Happy 3rd Birthday, dear Ethan!

I am two months behind on wishing our lil' man a very Happy Birthday on the blog... so a big catch up is coming!  But I did get some adorable pictures from Birthday party at church and just had to share!
We were so glad that Nana & Papa could join us to celebrate Ethan's special day!  We enjoyed lunch at  Milano's pizzaria, a trip to the park, and a Hershey pie in honor of his turning three!  Ethan is such an expressive lil' man with a bouyant personality :)  He loves to run, sing, skip, jump high, watch ducktales, learn new letters, count to 20, share his snack {sometimes}, hug {squeeze} his brother, play with our doggies-Daisy & new addition Blue Bell {yes, after the ice cream}, get new cars from Wal-Mart, take short trips in the van, and go to church.  He amazes me on how many new things he is picking up on daily.  I can already tell three is going to be a terrific year with our lil' man! 

{Ethan loves his "Vawrie"}

{Elliot got a present too}


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