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Congrats Marcus & Rebecca!

I'm way late on posting this (like seven months!), but before their one year anniversary rolled around; I did want to Congratulate my sister and her husband on their beautiful wedding!  We were so glad to be there for their special day.  The fall theme, colors, and Ohio flair were amazing.  He surprised her by singing one of the songs in the ceremony, and they had a candy apple and smore's bar at the reception.

Elliot's Dedication

Back in October when we visited for Rebecca's wedding, we were privileged to have Elliot's baby dedication at Tabernacle FWB (Joshua's home church).  Bro. Randy graciously agreed to take part in the service and it was such a blessing for both of our families to be there with us.
We had intended to have his dedication before he turned one, but really wanted both of our families to be able to be there.  So what better time than while we were visiting!  We are so thankful for this little boy who is so full of love and life!  We pray that God will use him greatly in Kingdom work.

Elliot's 1st Birthday Party!

We are so proud of our little man who started walkin a month after he turned one, and is now all over the place and into everything :)  We are having alot of fun in this stage!  He had a birthday party back in June, and I just wanted to share a few pictures.  We were so thankful that Granny Bebe and Buddy {Elijah} got to join us for the occassion!  The theme was Horton Hears Who's turning One :-) 

Happy 3rd Birthday, dear Ethan!

I am two months behind on wishing our lil' man a very Happy Birthday on the blog... so a big catch up is coming!  But I did get some adorable pictures from Birthday party at church and just had to share!
We were so glad that Nana & Papa could join us to celebrate Ethan's special day!  We enjoyed lunch at  Milano's pizzaria, a trip to the park, and a Hershey pie in honor of his turning three!  Ethan is such an expressive lil' man with a bouyant personality :)  He loves to run, sing, skip, jump high, watch ducktales, learn new letters, count to 20, share his snack {sometimes}, hug {squeeze} his brother, play with our doggies-Daisy & new addition Blue Bell {yes, after the ice cream}, get new cars from Wal-Mart, take short trips in the van, and go to church.  He amazes me on how many new things he is picking up on daily.  I can already tell three is going to be a terrific year with our lil' man!