Slingshot VBS

 This year VBS was extra special for us, because the theme was created by my husband.  Slingshot VBS: from Shepherd boy to King, was based on the life of David.  Our theme song was "The Lord is a Warrior."  We were blessed to minister with our church folks to the community kiddos Sunday-Tuesday with Commencement on Wednesday night ending out with a big water bash.
 We were blessed with wonderful workers who loved the kids.  Craft time with Mrs. Jayne & Mrs. Heather (above) was one of the highlights of the night.
 Bible Time included props and a costume each night.  Bro. Josh did a fantastic job portraying the heart behind the story of David as each of the three groups came through.
 One of our guys found some of these gross bugs outside during gametime, and thought it would be a good idea to scare the ladies with them :-)
 This is my dear friend Mrs. Jayne and two of her faithful helpers (her awesome grandkids).
 Mrs. Heather & Mrs. Frances did a fantastic job with our preschoolers every night!  You can see how much they love each of these babies.
 Ethan & Devoni have fun getting into snack time.
 Mr. Chad and Mr. Jeremy were great with the kiddos during game time.
We really appreciated Mrs. Diana & Joanna leading one of the groups!
 We would add a stone with each child's name when they attended.  We had even more names on the wall by the week's end!  God is good!
 VBS really takes a toll on the little ones.  Elliot took his nap halfway through each night.

 Mrs. Brenda & her big kids

 Mrs. Leslie
 Ethan's class performing one of their songs during commencement.
 So exciting to see a stage full of kids on Commencement night!
 The water bash was definitely a hit!!!
(Ethan is swimming- NOT drinking the water.)


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