Happy 1st Birthday, Elliot Christian!

Happy Birthday, our precious Elliot!  A year of your life has come and gone in the blink of an eye it seems.  You are  such a joy to our family with your sparkling eyes, sweet smile, and content personality.  We are excited about celebrating your birthday tomorrow and throughout the week ahead :) 

You are trying to walk and standing quite a bit now.  You've already walked a few steps, but quickly sink back down to crawl because you can get anywhere quickly that way.  You love to swing, swim, splash, play outside, smile, play with big brother, and try new foods!  You are an adventurist at heart, and a climb is not a big feet for you anymore.  Trips to the zoo and even more fun now that you and brother both enjoy it, and I think you may enjoy the water even more because of the way you get in and splash around so much.
Yes, a year ago in a hospital in Houston, I couldn't imagine how much joy you would add to our family, but quickly found out!  You and Ethan are the best gifts your Daddy and I have ever received.  We are so thankful for you Elliot!  We love you "through and through."


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