Easter and family visit!

This post is so long overdue, but we have had a very busy spring so I'm just now getting caught up.  But I am excited to share Easter pictures from April and a family visit!  The first week of April, my Momma, Daddy, and Memaw came to visit us, and we so enjoyed our time with them! It was so nice to have family here for Easter and celebrate with them {even if the power did go out and we had to pick up the chicken from a restaurant nearby :)  Thankfully everything else was prepared ahead!  We'll never forget the sweet memories made.}
Elliot's first Easter
Elliot sure did catching up on some snuggle time from his Papa, Nana, and Memaw!  Ethan did too, but his was more of a "drive thru" style.  He's such a busy boy.  Nana and Papa enjoyed catching up on all of the cuddles too :))) 

We enjoyed a trip to the zoo, and even more knowing it was Memaw's first zoo trip!  It was neat to be with her as she experienced several firsts on her Texas adventure! One first I loved sharing with Memaw was her first tea party!  She also had her first flight on the way here and back.  Maybe we can talk her into it again next year! We are so thankful for the time we get to share with our families, and the memories made!  It's already time for birthday visits!  Both of our sweet families will be with us for a week in June and August as we celebrate the boys 1st and 3rd birthdays!  Looking forward to more fun memories being made.


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