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June's Missionary

Joshua and Alicia Crowe are FWBIM to Japan.  They have undergone language study and have been serving there four years.  They have two beautiful daughters Ruby and Ellie and another little one on the way!  This year they are on furlough and living in New Bern, NC as they share the ministry in Japan with churches and supporters in the South East. 
I first met Josh and Alicia not long after they began dating years ago at Sherwood Forest in New Bern where my grandparents attended church.  There love for the Lord, the people of Japan, sharing the gospel, and for each other was evident.  I love keeping up with their ministry via the FWBIM website and their facebook page.  Please, pray for Josh, Alicia, Ruby, and Ellie as they transition into their new life in America for the upcoming year and for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

You can learn more about the Crowes by clicking here.

Belated Father's Day

It's a bit late, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate and respect the two most important men in my life. 

Joshua, I am so thankful for the amazing example you set for our boys; they call you their SUPER "HEWO" and admire you greatly. You really are our Hero!  Thank you for providing for us, protecting us, and all of the wonderful quality time you spend with us! 

Easter and family visit!

This post is so long overdue, but we have had a very busy spring so I'm just now getting caught up.  But I am excited to share Easter pictures from April and a family visit!  The first week of April, my Momma, Daddy, and Memaw came to visit us, and we so enjoyed our time with them! It was so nice to have family here for Easter and celebrate with them {even if the power did go out and we had to pick up the chicken from a restaurant nearby :)  Thankfully everything else was prepared ahead!  We'll never forget the sweet memories made.}
Elliot sure did catching up on some snuggle time from his Papa, Nana, and Memaw!  Ethan did too, but his was more of a "drive thru" style.  He's such a busy boy.  Nana and Papa enjoyed catching up on all of the cuddles too :))) 

We enjoyed a trip to the zoo, and even more knowing it was Memaw's first zoo trip!  It was neat to be with her as she experienced several firsts on her Texas adventure! One first I loved sharing with Memaw…

Happy 1st Birthday, Elliot Christian!

Happy Birthday, our precious Elliot!  A year of your life has come and gone in the blink of an eye it seems.  You are  such a joy to our family with your sparkling eyes, sweet smile, and content personality.  We are excited about celebrating your birthday tomorrow and throughout the week ahead :) 

You are trying to walk and standing quite a bit now.  You've already walked a few steps, but quickly sink back down to crawl because you can get anywhere quickly that way.  You love to swing, swim, splash, play outside, smile, play with big brother, and try new foods!  You are an adventurist at heart, and a climb is not a big feet for you anymore.  Trips to the zoo and even more fun now that you and brother both enjoy it, and I think you may enjoy the water even more because of the way you get in and splash around so much.
Yes, a year ago in a hospital in Houston, I couldn't imagine how much joy you would add to our family, but quickly found out!  You and Ethan are the best gifts yo…

May & June in Photos

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We have officially become members of our local zoo, and that being said will explain the three zoo trips in one month :)  Our lil' man LOVES the zoo; every time we get in the van he says "We go to the zoo, Mommy!"  We also went on vacation this past week to Pennsylvania to celebrate our four year anniversary and spend some time with Josh's dad and his family.

So much to finish up before church tomorrow, so I'll just let the photos explain.