March's Missionaries


Logan and his wife Grayson are from Cape Fear Free Will Baptist church in Willmington, NC.  He graduated from Southeastern FWB College in 2008.  In 2009 his partnership with Cape Fear and Faith Missions (Faith FWB Church in Goldsboro, NC) was announced in order to start a church in Provo, Utah.  He and his wife moved to the area on May 12, 2011 and held the grand opening service of New Morning on September 25 that same year. Grayson is a kindergarten teacher at Freedom School and plays guitar during worship services.

They have almost been in Utah two years and are now joined by another couple Bryant and Maggie Rouse this past year.  The team is just weeks away from having another addition to the team- the Rouse's daughter Spenser.  Bryant and Maggie are from North Carolina and are both graduates of Southeastern FWB College as well.  God has blessed the ministry of New Morning and using these two couples to share his love and light with the people of Provo.

You can learn more about these dynamic couples and the ministry in Provo at these websites,

Please, join us in prayer for the Wolfs and the Rouses as they minister in the Provo, UT area.


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