Luke 7 Faith

Good Night Girls,

Jesus the compassionate healer. In Luke 7 we see Jesus heal the centurions servant (vs10), widows dead son (vs. 14), many with infirmities and plagues (vs 21), and the sin sick woman (vs. 50). He didn't just heal them out of duty or a need to look good in front of others, no; he healed them out of compassion. He was busy fullfilling the Father's work on earth and leading others to a saving knowledge of him.

But more than anything the theme of FAITH kept coming back to me during our reading this week. It took a great deal of faith for the centurion to send out a servant seeking the Savior to say the word and heal his servant. Jesus even commended his faith by stating, "I have not found so gat faith, no, not in Israel." Then when John the Baptist sent some of his disciples to question if Jesus was the Promised Messiah, we see faith tested. I can remember a message I heard years ago entitled "Who is He?" and it came down to three possibilities. With all of the claims Jesus made about himself, aside from the miracles, he was either a lunitic, a liar, or He truly is the LORD! Jesus gave John's disciples a straightforward answer of judging his fruits. He told John's messengers to tell him what they had seen and heard, that the lame walk and the the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the gospel is preached. It took faith for John's disciples to go back to him with their report.

Then, with the woman who annointed Jesus feet with alabaster oil, much faith was displayed as she washed his feet with her tears. the men around her didn't understand or appreciate her sacrifice, but in full faith she served Jesus the only way she knew how. She had been forgiven of much sin and with great passion she lavished her love on the Master in faith.

This is what our life is about...the beating of our heart and the breathing of each breath serving our Lord and King in faith and humility. "Whom much is forgiven the same loves most." We have all been forgiven a great deal, but realizing it is another story. It's easy to see myself as the good little Bible study girl who was saved at a young age from a life of sin, but that's exactly the point. He may not saved me out of a life of sin, but He saved me FROM it! I have been forgiven and am redeemed and in faith should pour my love at his feet in worship and sacrifice daily. Sadly, this week, I felt like I was sort of going through the motions...reading each days assignment, writing it down, trying to get some application from it and then going on about the day. Today, I got serious about seeking out God's truth and was sad about how I was letting this study end. God has taught me so much these past seven weeks about Himself, and I do not want to finish just in a routine. Then it hit me...part of faith is continuing to do what you should even when it is mundane and routine until it becomes fresh and alive again. Having faith that God is not going to leave you in that rut but pull you out of it!

Praying for you all as we finish up with Luke 8 this coming week! I can't believe it but the end is upon us!


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