Kindred Spirits, TWAC & Baptism

This weekend was such a blessing in several ways, and I just wanted to share a bit of it.  On Friday night we had the privilege to host two precious ladies in our home- Mrs. Sally Wilcox {editor of the Texas Challenge and Current President of the TWAC} and Cindy Hunter {who has been nominated as the Future President of the TWAC}.   If you have watched Ann of Green Gables, then at a glance, you knew where this was going :)  These ladies were such an encouragement to me and our family.  {Pictured below is Cindy Hunter is from the First FWB Church in Tomball, where Bro. Howard Bass now serves as Pastor}. 

On Saturday, our East Texas Women Active for Christ met.  For such a big state, Texas only has fifty Free Will Baptist churches so any opportunity to connect with our ladies' group is an encouragement. I believe five churches were represented at the meeting, and Mitzi Burkes did a fantastic job coordinating the event.

 Another blessing this month has been the seeing two boys follow the Lord in believer's baptism.  Caleb is the son of Jeremy and Heather Green, and I had the privilege to lead him to Christ a few months ago during children's church.  Collin is the son of Chad and Emily Nations, and he prayed and accepted Christ at home.  How exciting it is to see God work in the lives of children, and their hearts tender to His will.  I am so proud of these boys and their obedience to the Lord's command.    One last blessing I want to share is that with several new families joining Sunday morning worship the need for dividing the nursery into an infant and toddler class has arisen.  I am so thankful for our ladies who have stepped up and now serve at least once a month so that having two classes is a possibility.   I just wanted to end out with a bit of preciousness :)
Brothers make the "bestest" friends


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