GMG Week 5 & Continued Counting

Good Evening Girls,
I have been slack about emailing this week between Granny's visit and catching thankful for grace.  Just a quick pep talk that I gave myself earlier today ;-) 
We are in the middle of this study we started with such great momentum.  God has taught us so much and it has been amazing to see the growth and answered prayers as a result of our time in His Word.  The devil would like nothing more than to distract us and keep us from learning to be more like Jesus and encourage each other in our walk with the Lord.  We have just three more's "downhill" from here.  Ok. That's my lil' soap box that I was standing on and preaching to myself while reading our study...LOL.  
In lieu of Valentines Day this week one theme that kept sticking out to me each day was Jesus love.  He had compassion on the men he sought out as his disciples/friends.  He shared God's love with those he healed- the leaper, the lame, and the sick of the palsy.  He displayed unprejudiced love when he called Levi the publican to repentance and asked him to follow.  Then Jesus ate at Levi's home.  After being questioned by the Pharisees on why he would associate with sinners/publicans Jesus answered that the healthy do not need a doctor, but the sick need healing.  He didn't come "to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

Christ's love inundated this chapter.  His love should overflow from us to all we meet, especially the unsaved.  So often I can get focused on petty issues that really do not matter a "hill of beans."  My focus gets lost on petty things of this world instead of the Kingdom work at hand.  As our hearts focused on the giving and receiving of love this Valentines'--Jesus is focused on healing the hurting and saving the sin sick.  May our heart beat like His and our passion for His purpose be renewed.

591. Corrie ten Boom quotations
592. Seeing Elliot explore and crawl
593. Peanut butter M-n-M's
594. Free online resources (like GMG)
595. Love notes on Valentines
596. Elliot snoring
597. Football balloons for Ethan
598. Cough drops
599. Printing out family photos
600. Learning a new song
601. Valentine date with my three Valentines :)
602. Seeing Joshua walk home for lunch    


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