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Praying for the Postlewaites M.O.M.

This month please join us in praying for the Postlewaite family as they are moving to Bulgaria.  They will be flying to Bulgaria on February 17!  Just a day away!   They will join a church planting work in a very needy part of Eastern Europe. They are so eager to begin working with the Awtreys and the New Life Church in Svishtov in efforts to proclaim the HOPE of Christ in the midst of a “cold” culture, where very few have heard the Gospel. (borrowed from an earlier newsletter)  In 2010 the Postlewaites were appointed as missionaries and have been raising support.  The time has finally come for them to move overseas after months of support raising, preparation, and packing. 

Jonathan and Amy have two precious daughters Anna Grace and Jonna Faith (who are the same ages as our Ethan and Elliot).  We were blessed to meet this sweet family when we attended Bethany FWB in South Carolina.  Jonathan was the Youth Pastor there before my Joshua, and Amy & I seemed to click the first ti…

GMG Week 3 Recap

This is late, but I wanted to recap Luke 3- This week we have read John the Baptist message of repentance & preparing for The Lord. Repentance is turning from sin and running to God.  Confession is a good start, but if we don't repent and change confession is worth nothing.  We saw the fruit of repentance- a heart of giving. A repentant heart is not a selfish heart therefore giving of its time & resources. In verses 10-14, the people asked John the Baptist what they needed to do.  He answered them, "He that hath two coats let him impart (share) with him that hath none; and he that hath meat let him do likewise..."  The soldiers asked what they were to do and John answered them, "Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages."  Wow- these are the signs of repentant hearts! Giving to the needy and being content.

John's servant hood is brought to life as he describes the coming Messiah saying he is not even worth…

GMG Week 5 & Continued Counting

Good Evening Girls,
I have been slack about emailing this week between Granny's visit and catching thankful for grace.  Just a quick pep talk that I gave myself earlier today ;-)  We are in the middle of this study we started with such great momentum.  God has taught us so much and it has been amazing to see the growth and answered prayers as a result of our time in His Word.  The devil would like nothing more than to distract us and keep us from learning to be more like Jesus and encourage each other in our walk with the Lord.  We have just three more's "downhill" from here.  Ok. That's my lil' soap box that I was standing on and preaching to myself while reading our study...LOL.  

In lieu of Valentines Day this week one theme that kept sticking out to me each day was Jesus love.  He had compassion on the men he sought out as his disciples/friends.  He shared God's love with those he healed- the leaper, the lame, and the sick of the pals…

Happy Valentines my Beloved.

Six Valentines Days, engagement, wedded bliss, two babies, two ministries, three dogs, and six vehicles later (we like to trade); I am more in love with my Joshua than ever!  He has given me the most wonderful gift of his love, and I am forever blessed!  I am so grateful that the Lord brought Joshua Nathanael Horton into my life and am a better person because of it.  He is the most amazing husband and such a fabulous father!

I love you, Babe!  Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for the gift of your love and the new poem!  You are my Prince Charming and Happily Ever After!
Forever and always, with all my heart,

The boys :)

I just love how Ethan is so doting on his little brother and Elliot is like whoah bro!  LOL.
 I hope they always love each other like this :0)

 Some more of Granny's sweet shots of my boys!

February visit with Granny & Lij

We took Granny & Lij back to Dallas today after a week visit.  We really enjoyed our time with them, and God used their visit to encourage us.  We had fun going to the park in Tatum and the Horton bros playing ball like three times this week, the Lufkin zoo, and the Carthage volunteer fire department.  Here are some pictures from the week.  Granny took more than is just a sample :)

Valentine Banquet

We started out the evening with the "Happily Wed" game.  Our own version of the newly wed game, and here are all of our lovely couples.  The two couples in the middle tied so we saved a tie breaker for the finale.  Below are pictures from our photo booth.

We had a great time celebrating love as husbands and wives, and most importantly God's love for us. Bro. Don Ellis was our speaker for the evening and shared an inspirational thoughts from the Song of Solomon. 
Happy Valentines Day!

January visit with Nana

We have had very sketchy internet at home so I am way behind in blogging.  Back in January Nana flew into Dallas and visited with us for a week.  We really enjoyed our time with her and the boys had a good time being spoiled.  After picking her up from the airport, we went shopping and had lunch together for some Mother-daughter time...then on to Carthage for her to get into Nana-gear.  Here are a few pictures from the week.  We had a rainy week that kept us inside with the exception of Thursday when we went to Longview's Kidsview park and Kid Station.  Ethan is so fun and makes a new "girlfirend" where ever we go.  I think I'm going to be on the watch out for him :0)  Elliot enjoyed lots of extra snuggles.