Missionary of the Month

This month our Missionary spotlight is on Bro. Darrel Grimes and his family who are planting a Free Will Baptist church in Eerie, PA.  Bro. Darrel is a graduate of Southeastern and attended Tabernacle Church while growing up.  Josh is good friends with his father.  He and his wife Michelle have three children, Charity, Luke, and Isaiah.  They have pastored churches in Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio in preparation for church planting.  Please, visit their website http://www.flagshipchurch.org to learn more about the work in Eerie and the Grimes family.
*Eerie county has a population of approximately 300,000, with Eerie, the fourth largest city in PA, having 100,000 residents. Another suburb of Eerie is Millcreek Township which shows a majority population age range 25-41. According to published data a large segiment of residents claim no religious affiliation.  Please pray for the Grimes family as they work for the Kingdom in Eerie, PA.
*This information was taken from homemissions.net


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