Luke 2: 1-7 GMG thoughts

Yesterday, I was so challenged by the passage assigned Luke 2:1-7.  After watching the GMG video and seeing the verses from a perspective of obedience...I thought ok, how else can these verses be viewed.  It took me a couple minutes, then it clicked.  If I had been Mary aggravation would have been on the forefront of my mind after we were told by the government to travel so far from home for a census and to pay taxes while I was great child; then on top of that not being able to find a room would have been the cherry on top.  Yet, the Bible doesn't denote a bad attitude from Mary or a hint of begrudging.  Mary definitely was not in fairy tale circumstances as she birthed our Savior.  It wasn't a castle, a fine room, or even her own home; but a stable.  Instead of laying him in a golden crib or the cradle that possibly her carpenter husband had made from hand, she had nothing else to lay her baby in but a trough.   
How easily I can become testy over the small things, and then get snappy at my family because I am not happy over the circumstances around us. Again relating with Mary from the motherly perspective of this chapter my heart has been challenged to not let circumstances define my attitude, but let our Lord be the definition...He is always good...He never changes...and He fails not. That is definitely something to be glad about!

Funny enough we weren't near home when Elliot was born, we were in Houston.  And I didn't have my hospital bag in the car with his cutesie clothes or baby book...but we did have a great hospital and a Target within a block.  And we chose to travel two weeks before his due date...hmmm 

God bless you as you study His Word this week and learn of Him.  Continue to look for ways obedience is displayed in this chapter.  After you have learned a new truth, see how it can be applied to your own life.  This is where the "rubber meets the road"...


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