Living Like Jesus in Obedience Week 2 Recap

Good Evening Girls!
Week 3 of our study has begun, but I just wanted to share a few thoughts from chapter 2 :-)  I am so enjoying studying Luke alongside you and hearing what God is doing in your hearts.  It is such an encouragement to hear God working in the lives of my sisters; I am praying for you.
This week our theme was obedience and we saw this in several lives we read about.  First, Mary exemplified obedience in unfavorable circumstances in the beginning of the chapter.  We see in verse seven, "And she wrapped him (Jesus) in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn."  We see obedience manifested in Mary via her attitude.  She was not given the most favorable of circumstances yet she seemed to gladly serve her Lord.
The second people we see acting in obedience are the shepherds.  After receiving the angels glad tidings of the Christ child's birth in Bethlehem, they quickly go to offer worship to the God-man Jesus.  Not only did they serve Jesus Christ in worship, but they also returned rejoicing and telling others of His birth.  They returned to their job, faithfully tending their sheep.
Simeon is the third person we glean a lesson in obedience from.  After serving the Lord faithfully with his life, he received a special promise from God that he would not die until his eyes had seen the Christ.  In verse 30-32 we read his dialogue, "For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, which thou hast prepared bef the face of all people; a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.  In this same passage we also see Joseph and Mary obeying they law of the day, which was to have their male child circumcised on the eighth day.  I was so excited to talk with Kelsey from SC last night and learn that she had "seen salvation"!  She told me that she was so happy she cried the whole time the pastor's wife explained and prayed with her.  She said, "I am so excited and happy; I hope I never get over this!"  I pray she never does either.  She is thirteen and has her whole life to serve the Lord!  I am so proud of her and the decision she made to follow Christ!  What a privilege to have just a small part in her life, to be her friend, and now sister in Christ!
Fourthly, we read of Anna the prophetess who lived her later years in the temple "serving the Lord with prayer and fastings night and day."  I really enjoyed reliving our Christmas play on Wednesday and Thursday as we studied Simeon and Anna. 
Finally and most importantly, we see obedience portrayed in the life of Jesus.  The Bible tells us he was twelve years old when he and his parents made the trip to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover as was the custom of the day.  Upon return to Nazareth, Mary and Joseph noticed that he was missing among his relatives (whom they assumed he was traveling with).  On day three they had returned to Jerusalem and found Jesus sitting in the Temple asking questions of and teaching the scribes and doctors.  As any normal parent of a "lost"twelve year old would his parents fretted and told him to come home with them.  Jesus simply stated, "Don't you know I'm about the Father's businss?"  Then the Bible tells us he ruturned with them and put himself under their authority.  He submitted/ obeyed his earthly parents.
So many lessons could be taken from these verses of Scripture.  Obedience in our lives of striving to become more like Jesus is the focus of last week.  I pray that as we strive on to study in week three we woud pause, reflect, and apply to our lives what we are learning.  Please, pray for my friend Kelsey.  Ask God to give her good Christian friends and examples and that she would be encouraged to read her Bible and grow in the grace and truth of Jesus each day.

Here is a quick view of what we are studying this week.  Let me know if you need the link to print out the reading plan.


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