Just a few blessings

286. The toddle of toes across the kitchen
287. Jesus loves me echoing through the house

288. Ruffled sheets from our comfy bed
289. Squealing laughter at tickled ribs
290. Hot taste of chocolate raspberry mint tea as I type
291. Talks of dreams with the man I love
292. "We did it!" bellowing from an excited Ethan
293. Sitting with a new visitor in the morning service
294. Phone calls with dear friends
295. Surprise texts from girls in our Bethany youth group

I'm channeling a little bit of Ann Voscamp today, author of 1000 Gifts,  who blogs over at www.aholyexperience.com. This year I'm taking the dare to list God's daily gifts and the benefit of joy that follows.  I wish I had photos to accompany the gifts...but my heart is full tonight as I count the blessings of God in my life.

"In the silent times seek God. In the painful times praise God. In the terrible times trust God.  At ALL times thank God."  Ann Voscamp


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