Good Morning Girls

Good Almost Morning Girls,

Over at the first eight chapters of Luke are the current Bible study on the topic "Living Like Jesus."  For all of my First FWB Church ladies, until we get the church website page up and running, I am going to use our family blog for any comments you would like to leave about our reading assignments.  Just click reply at the bottom of the post and add your thoughts and insights or blessings from the days reading.  

I am so glad you are joining me in this journey of living like Jesus in all areas of our lives.  This week the fullness of time is coming to fruition in front of our eyes (and imaginations) as we read the first chapter of Luke.  Zechariah and Elisabeth are chosen as the parents of John the Baptist because of their faithfulness to God.  Zechariah's lips are sealed when he doubts the angels message of having a son in his old agethe Angel reveals Mary as the mother of Christ, and we read of her commitment. Mary visits her cousin Elisabeth and we read of her Magnificat and rejoice in the forthcoming of the Savior's birth.  The last prophet John was born, and his ministry is foretold in the last verses.

I love all the applications that can be made from the faithful lives of God's servants.  My heart has been challenged to be more of an "Elisabeth" to my friends and to be faithful to train my boys in God's ways.  I was reminded that "with God nothing is impossible," and that my response to any calling he places on my life should be an open heart and mind that I am His servant so it shall be to whatever He may choose for me.

For further information about the host site click here.  Subscribe to the emails for the FREE ebook and reading plan book mark that are available.  Then come back over here a couple times a week to share your thoughts and how God is teaching you through His word. 

Here is a look ahead at this weeks reading:
Monday Luke 2:1-7 SOAP 2:7
Tuesday Luke 2:8-20 SOAP 2:20
Wednesday Luke 2:21-35 SOAP 2:30-32
Thursday Luke 2:36-40 SOAP 2:40
Friday Luke 2:41-52 SOAP 2:51-52   

(Wondering what SOAP is? click here) 

PS: Email me if you are joining us this week for the study.  It's not too late!  We are just starting Luke 2 tomorrow!



  1. I've really enjoyed the study so far.
    Can't wait to dig further this week.


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