Count your gifts

Not Christmas gifts... but God gifts :) Each day unfolds new blessings (gifts) from The Lord. I can't think of a better New Years resolution than counting the gifts he gives. Ann Voskamp about a dare she took to record 1,000 gifts this month I'm joining her. She provides helpful prompt lists to help you count up to 1,000 on her website

I know you can think of your first five quickly salvation, family, church, health, and education (I'm able to type & read this). Visit Ann's blog as she continues her list well past 1,000 gifts on her blog and join the dare. If you list three things you are thankful for daily you will surpass a thousand by this years end.

Occasionally I may post a few of the gifts He gives and shar in this journey of gratitude and joy which is the result of a heart of thanks.


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