7 months old...already?

Another month has come and gone in baby Elliot's life...I think I say it each update post but I can't believe how fast they grow.  Elliot's biggest milestone this month is saying "Da-Da"  I just love it!  He heard his Daddy come in the other day and went off on a string of "Da-da"s for five minutes :)

We had his six month appointment late due to how busy his doctors office was during Christmas...and our little man ways eighteen pounds and three ounces!  He is in the 47 percentile for weight, height, and head circumference.  Just perfectly proportionate :-)

Just days after he turned 7 months, he also started crawling!  We were having Bible study in our house on Friday, and while our friends were here, he was rocking back and forth and one of the ladies said it wouldn't be long until he was moving.  Well thirty minutes after they all left, Elliot crawled a few feet across the living room to get a pacifier!  He usually doesn't use one...but he sure has been this week!


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