29 months

Singing is definitely Ethan's new favorite thing to do :)  His new song this week is Thomas the Train's theme song.  He is singing it all the time, along with Head and shoulders.  One memory of this month was this past Saturday when he awoke from a bad dream with a loud "Ahhhhh!" he immediately started singing "Jesus loves me this I know..." softly and slowly.  That was most definitely a proud mommy moment for me.

We have been learning several new Bible stories this month.  Noah and the ark is one of his favorites, and when we talk about rain for forty days and nights he says, "and it rained-and it rained- and it rained."  He also likes acting out David and Goliath.

He is making me laugh so much these days as he walks around the house "fixing" things with his little hammer and screw driver, then saying "I'm a big boy...big helper," and he most certainly is!  Today after church, he asked to hold the baby, then said baby needs bottle.  It was so sweet to watch him feed his baby Elliot.

Ok...I guess I'm done bragging on my boy. Oh how I love my joy boys! 


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