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"Mary Cwismas"

Ethan has been learning about the birth of Jesus this month and we have been using his nativity sets as visual aids.  He has learned about Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Angels, Wisemen, and the star.  He has also learned "Jingle Bells" and at the end he yells out "Merry Christmas!"  Tonight when I asked him who is this person?  
He said, "Mary Cwismas!"

A Holly Jolly Christmas!


"A one horse open sleigh!"

Winter wonderland of Lights in Marshall, Texas is a big deal around this house!  I'm a bit obsessed with the Christmas lights anyway...each time we are riding around at night I exclaim, "Look Ethan, Christmas lights!!!"  Now he is saying, "Momma, it's 'Cwimas' lights!"  Then a couple minutes later, "Look, more 'Cwima' lights!"  I don't know who is more excited me or him.  When I first heard that Marshall was going to have carriage rides downtown around the "Cwimas" lights I knew that was what I wanted for my birthday! (This story starts over a month ago :))  So the "hinting" began.  My sweet husband decided to take us for a ride, just wait till after the church play.

So I was quite surprised when we went to Marshall on Thursday night to see the lights.  It was everything I imagined it would be and more.  Romance with my love, and delight for Ethan seeing the millions of lights displayed around the historic …

"I Saw Salvation"

Lights, Camera, Action!  We are praising the Lord for His grace and making our church's Christmas play even more than we could have imagined.  We are so proud of all of our kiddos and adults who did an amazing job acting and singing tonight!  I really don't think there was one glitch in the whole performance!  It started out with a fabulous rendition of "Jingle Bells" premiering Miss Devoni, and led into the life of Simeon and Anna possibly with events that could have occurred.  With a finale of "Simeon's Song"  and Simeon with Anna seeing the Messiah and the Lord's promise come to pass.

I have to brag on my Joshua just a bit... to say watching his script come to life tonight was amazing would be an understatement!  I am such a proud "stage wife."  His vision for the production and seeing it come together was spectacular.
We are thrilled about the eighty people who were in attendance tonight.  We are so thankful for all of the friends, p…

Missionary of the Month

The Elliott family is ministering in Quebec, a French-speaking province in Canada, where they will plant a Free Will Baptist church and ministry. With ministry experience in Texas and South Carolina, Danny came to Home Missions from the pastorate at Ruth's Chapel FWB Church in New Bern, NC. Danny and Dawn both attended Southeastern Free Will Baptist College with Danny earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Missions. Danny and Dawn are the proud parents of four children: Summer, Autumn, Joshua, and Jonathan. To prepare for ministry in Quebec, the Elliotts are attending language school. This is a ground-breaking experience for Home Missions. I had the opportunity to become friends with this amazing family while they were attending my grandparents church Sherwood Forest in New Bern.  They are truly an inspiration and their passion to share the good news is contagious.
Please, remember each of our precious missionary families during the Christmas season most will …