Trunk, Tract, or Treat

 Now, I must begin by saying that I am NOT a fan of halloween or any associations, but after this past Wednesday; I am convinced that this night can be such a phenomenal outreach tool.  Showing families you care about their children is so very important!  This Wednesday night our church hosted a 3T night, with trunk/tract/ or treat; games; a bouncy house; and hotdogs. It was such a fun outreach to our community, and we were so excited to pass out 115 treat bags with tracts!  So I'm guessing since we just passed out candy bags to the kiddos, we probably had at least 225 people walk through on Wednesday night. 

One thing that stuck out to me the most was a little girl who received an invitation to our church.  When she got it, she became so excited and waved it around declaring, "I'm invited!! I'm invited!  I got invited to church!!"  Her mom went on to tell her that they already attended another church to which the little girl said, "I know; but I was INVITED to THIS ONE!!!" Oh, how refreshing is childlike excitement and joy over an invitation to church!  It makes me want to go out even more and share His name with others and invite them to His house.
 The night was lots of fun with plenty of candy, food, bouncing, and games like the toilet paper toss, balloon darts, hacky sack tic tac toe, and baseball throw.  We are praying that many of those who walked around our parking lot will be back and walking into worship.  Praise the Lord for opportunities like this one to share His love and let families know that He cares and we do too!


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