To grandma's we will go

 Our next stop during our Carolina trip was to Granny Bebe's house in LaGrange, and no trip Granny's is complete without a visit to Grandma Goff.  Elliot enjoyed her cuddling, and Ethan had fun discovering the new toys.
 We celebrated Christmas early at Granny's too with her brother and sisters gathered to eat her Italian buffet of homemade pizza and lasagna.
 Ethan had a great time playing with his cousins.  Pictured above is cute Miss Tori.

 I just love the bond that these two share!  I hope that one day my boys will be as close as Joshua and his brother Elijah.  They truly are best friends.
 If there was a proper caption for the pictures above it would be that Elliot is not too happy about Ethan borrowing his elf hat.

Granny and Elliot had alot of rocking time. 
 We were so glad that Joshua's dad was also able to be down from Pennsylvania while we were up!  He was able to meet Elliot for the first time.

 These two pictures crack me up!  I think that Ethan is immitating Granny Bebe!  LOL!  We visited the nature museum  in Kinston and had such a good time.

 We just love Auntie Ashley and Uncle Chris!
Another visit we were so thankful for was with our dear friends the Ragers!  We are so thankful for godly friends like this precious family.  I love how we can pick up right where we left off, no matter how long between visits.  We really had a good time celebrating Elijah's birthday with them in Greenville.  We praise the Lord for our family and friends and the memories we get to make with them.


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