Missionary of the Month

I'm going to add a new element to our family blog, and try to be faithful about posting a new missionary family each moth as a reminder to pray for them and also get to know them better.  The first family I would like to introduce to you is our good friends Bradley and Shelley Dixon.  They serve as home missionaries alongside Bro. Fred Carraway in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina at Freedom FWB Church.
 Bradley serves as the assistant pastor of Freedom as well as working with the youth.  He and Shelley have a heart for the Lord and His Kingdom work.  One of the difficulties that many missionaries may incur is lack of support to be on "full time" staff at the church, so Bradley also works at Staples when he is not working at the church.  Although it may not be termed so, Bradley and Shelley are most certainly full time when it comes to being involved in the lives of the children, teens and families of their church.  Shelley serves alongside her husband, and also serves as an Elementary Christian School teacher, tutor, Avon consultant, and teaches music lessons on the side.  This couple definitely stays busy!
It feels like Shelley and I have been friends forever!  Our schools played each other in basketball and other sports, and since our dads were both coaches and friends we naturally followed suit.  In college, we got even closer as we traveled together in the ensemble for a year.   It is rare to find a friend with whom the Lord just connects you as "Kindred Spirits" and Shelley is definitely that.  (I might add that she and Bradley were instrumental in Joshua and I getting to know each other better then dating.)  Joshua and Bradley worked together in the college kitchen and sang in the choir at the same time.  

We hope that you will join us in praying for this couple as they continue to further the Kingdom for the glory of Christ.  From talking with them and hearing their hearts, you know that they are striving to see souls come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and to grow more in love with Him.


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