Heartsway happenings

The first time Ethan said "I hold it" (baby), and then said "cheese!"  So precious!

The "main event" this month was our early Christmas trip to Carolina!  But the day before we left we were able to be apart of Heartsway Hospice Picnic in the Park for the Panola County nursing facilities.  Joshua is a volunteer for Heartsway, and the boys could be considered some of their youngest volunteers because every other Thursday we load them up in the van and ride across the street to Briarcliff Nursing Home.  The boys have made several new friends over there.  I just love to watch Ethan try to share his cars with one of the gentlemen over there.
Josh is in the background with the choir of Hospice volunteers.
Ethan loves any excuse to go to the park!
Last night we were able to be part of the Fall Fun Fest at Panola Nursing Home and Rehab center.  A few of the ladies from our church also volunteer with Heartsway and Mrs. Teresa works as their Volunteer Coordinator.  Joshua was a game attendant and had a great time being one of the kids :) While Elliot got lots of love from our ladies, I chased Ethan and played games with him.

Helping with the can toss!
Elliot & Mrs. Frances
Ethan made himself at home :)
Definitely a great turnout!


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