Happy 194th Homecoming!!

 We are so grateful for the privilege Joshua had to preach the 194th homecoming service of Bethany FWB Church and the opportunity to see our amazing friends and church family!  It truly was a home coming of sorts with visits to our family that same week included.  One Focus, a family trio consisting of Brian and Libby Geddes and Chrystal Geddes Dorrell, led our hearts in worship; and one highlight was hearing Brian and Libby's boys Ethan and Lucas sing a duet!  They did such a fantastic job.  To check out their website CLICK HERE.  They also have a facebook page.

It was amazing to see how much our youth group kids have grown up in just a year!  What a blessing it was to see so many of them still faithfully coming to church and hearing of those who have stepped in for Sunday School classes, children's church, the bus route, and Wednesday night classes.  
Two of our "kiddos" Daquon and Richard

 We were able to stay with our preacher and his wife on Thursday night and enjoy a meal with them at Cookout :) Then stayed with the Dorrell family the remainder of the weekend.  Above is a picture of Princess Autumn in her new Belle dress from her Mommy and Daddy (with their new tv in the background :)))) LOL
 I thought it was so sweet how Ethan climbed up in Will's lap with Autumn. 

 On Saturday we spent the afternoon at Willard farms!  This is where we took our church kiddos each fall, so it was a special treat not to miss this fall excursion that we look forward to each year!!!!  Ethan seemed to enjoy it even more, and just loved the cow train (he rode it like six times), agriplex playground and giant slides.  We also got some sweet shots of our families and the babies.

  No reunion is complete without a eating meeting, and that is just what we did on Friday night at Golden Corral.  It was so much fun to catch up with our dear friends and see how much all our kids have grown!  We are so blessed to have two great church families.
And since confession is good for the soul, before leaving Florence, I just had to have a couple Krispie Kremes :)


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