Giving Thanks

Today many will gather with their family and friends, giving thanks, and eating turkey.  What a precious time of year...for us Thanksgiving is a bit different this year, gathering around the iPod to chat with family and see them face to face.  What a sweet thing technology is especially from afar. 

So this month, I've been journalin things I'm thankful for, and although this list is not in specific order...I am truly thankful for all of God's blessings on our lives.

I'm thankful for:

1. Salvation by grace through faith.
2. My Creator.
3. My Joshua- he's an amazing husband and father.

4. the Bible...and the privilege to own a copy.
5. Our boys- Ethan and Elliot who have changed our lives for the better in so many ways.

6. My parents and the godly legacy they have passed down

7. My in-laws and their friendship

8. Our grandparents and the love they share
9. First FWB Church and our friends and ministry here
10. Bethany FWB church and our dear friends there
11. Lessons learned
12. my Bestie Chrystal Dorrell

13. fall temperatures and hot tea :))))
14. Christmas music
15. Glowing candles
16. living in America...still the greatest country on earth
17. SOUP
18. "Redbirds" reminders of God's goodness

19. snuggles with my three boys!!!
20. kisses :*
21. our home
22. a sinkful of dirty dishes reminding me we have plenty to eat.
23. a basketful of clothes to fold reminding me we have more than enough to wear
24. fingerprints on the windows and mirrors and the little fingers that put them there
25. Mrs. Sloan and my Momma teaching me to read.
26. forgiveness and second chances
27. our dog Daisy
28. our military who fights for our freedoms
29. mentors like Jerry and Donna Williams
30 the sound of Ethans sweet voice as he sings
31. Tea times with Jewell Langston

32. Nursery workers
33. those involved in the music ministry of our church
34. our van route
35. Compassion ministry and Gospel for Asia and the opportunity to sponsor kids and read their letters
36. Watermelon and the extra-long season in Texas
37. trips to Houston
38. tv/cuddle time with Joshua
39. family prayer before meals
40. Dr. Miller and Dr. Hortman
41. flowers from Ethan as he says "Here Momma, it's pretty!"
42. Caffine kicks
43. running water
44. hair dryers and straighteners
45. Fall leaves and colors
46. my Sunday School teacher- My husband
47. Ethan's little friends- Cannon, Devoni, McCabe
48. My Little Boy saying, "Come on Mamma let's play!"
49. Elliot's first laugh
50. an invitation to eat Thanksgiving lunch with the Fergesons
51. Sunday's lunch and visit to the farm with the Parrots
52. Parks

53. Picnics
54. Popsicles
55. Chick-fil-a
56. Recipe books
57. our home churches Faith and Tabernacle
58. those who picked up my husband on the bus route
59. Chocolate
60. Skyping our families for Thanksgiving!!!!


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