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Giving Thanks

Today many will gather with their family and friends, giving thanks, and eating turkey.  What a precious time of year...for us Thanksgiving is a bit different this year, gathering around the iPod to chat with family and see them face to face.  What a sweet thing technology is especially from afar. 

So this month, I've been journalin things I'm thankful for, and although this list is not in specific order...I am truly thankful for all of God's blessings on our lives.

I'm thankful for:

1. Salvation by grace through faith.
2. My Creator.
3. My Joshua- he's an amazing husband and father.

4. the Bible...and the privilege to own a copy.
5. Our boys- Ethan and Elliot who have changed our lives for the better in so many ways.

6. My parents and the godly legacy they have passed down

7. My in-laws and their friendship

8. Our grandparents and the love they share
9. First FWB Church and our friends and ministry here
10. Bethany FWB church and our dear friends there
11. Lesson…

Trunk, Tract, or Treat

Now, I must begin by saying that I am NOT a fan of halloween or any associations, but after this past Wednesday; I am convinced that this night can be such a phenomenal outreach tool.  Showing families you care about their children is so very important!  This Wednesday night our church hosted a 3T night, with trunk/tract/ or treat; games; a bouncy house; and hotdogs. It was such a fun outreach to our community, and we were so excited to pass out 115 treat bags with tracts!  So I'm guessing since we just passed out candy bags to the kiddos, we probably had at least 225 people walk through on Wednesday night. 

One thing that stuck out to me the most was a little girl who received an invitation to our church.  When she got it, she became so excited and waved it around declaring, "I'm invited!! I'm invited!  I got invited to church!!"  Her mom went on to tell her that they already attended another church to which the little girl said, "I know; but I was INVITE…

Missionary of the Month

I'm going to add a new element to our family blog, and try to be faithful about posting a new missionary family each moth as a reminder to pray for them and also get to know them better.  The first family I would like to introduce to you is our good friends Bradley and Shelley Dixon.  They serve as home missionaries alongside Bro. Fred Carraway in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina at Freedom FWB Church.  Bradley serves as the assistant pastor of Freedom as well as working with the youth.  He and Shelley have a heart for the Lord and His Kingdom work.  One of the difficulties that many missionaries may incur is lack of support to be on "full time" staff at the church, so Bradley also works at Staples when he is not working at the church.  Although it may not be termed so, Bradley and Shelley are most certainly full time when it comes to being involved in the lives of the children, teens and families of their church.  Shelley serves alongside her husband, and also serves as …

Thank You!

I don't know if I can describe in words the gratitude I feel for our First FWB church family.  Last Sunday they surprised us with a Pastor Appreciation card and gift.  I almost cried when Bro. Wesley and Joshua told me after the service (since I was in the nursery :))  
It started out as a joke, because at the beginning of his message Joshua told a joke that another pastor had passed along...something about making sure the deacons knew how to close up a service just in case the rapture happened and they were left behind.  Well, Bro. Wesley went up to make an announcement after the invitation, and said "Well, I guess the rapture didn't happen because the preacher's still here!"  LOL

First Family, we love and appreciate you.  Thank you for being an encouragement to our family.  WE LOVE YOU GUYS.

Alabama Reunion

We had such a good visit with my Daddy's sisters and their families in Guin!  I have so many great memories of our summer trips their.  As we were driving through part of town, I was narrating to Joshua all the landmarks, and places where my Nana lived, and memories that would pop into my mind!   Ethan and Elliot got lots of love from their Aunties, uncles, and cousins!  I think Miss Caitlyn would make such a good big sister :)))  I know I've already wrote it, but I LOVE MY FAMILY! It was such a treat to see them all!

Happy 194th Homecoming!!

We are so grateful for the privilege Joshua had to preach the 194th homecoming service of Bethany FWB Church and the opportunity to see our amazing friends and church family!  It truly was a home coming of sorts with visits to our family that same week included.  One Focus, a family trio consisting of Brian and Libby Geddes and Chrystal Geddes Dorrell, led our hearts in worship; and one highlight was hearing Brian and Libby's boys Ethan and Lucas sing a duet!  They did such a fantastic job.  To check out their website CLICK HERE.  They also have a facebook page.
It was amazing to see how much our youth group kids have grown up in just a year!  What a blessing it was to see so many of them still faithfully coming to church and hearing of those who have stepped in for Sunday School classes, children's church, the bus route, and Wednesday night classes.  
 We were able to stay with our preacher and his wife on Thursday night and enjoy a meal with them at Cookout :) Then stayed…

It's a boardwalk kinda day!

I just LOVE Joshua's off days!  This week he took us to the Boardwalk in Shreveport, LA!  Here are just a few pictures from our day trip!  Well, that's all of the mini posts for tonight.  We have to be up early for Elliot's four month checkup :( Goodnight!

Fun at the park


Heartsway happenings

The "main event" this month was our early Christmas trip to Carolina!  But the day before we left we were able to be apart of Heartsway Hospice Picnic in the Park for the Panola County nursing facilities.  Joshua is a volunteer for Heartsway, and the boys could be considered some of their youngest volunteers because every other Thursday we load them up in the van and ride across the street to Briarcliff Nursing Home.  The boys have made several new friends over there.  I just love to watch Ethan try to share his cars with one of the gentlemen over there. Last night we were able to be part of the Fall Fun Fest at Panola Nursing Home and Rehab center.  A few of the ladies from our church also volunteer with Heartsway and Mrs. Teresa works as their Volunteer Coordinator.  Joshua was a game attendant and had a great time being one of the kids :) While Elliot got lots of love from our ladies, I chased Ethan and played games with him.

To grandma's we will go

Our next stop during our Carolina trip was to Granny Bebe's house in LaGrange, and no trip Granny's is complete without a visit to Grandma Goff.  Elliot enjoyed her cuddling, and Ethan had fun discovering the new toys.  We celebrated Christmas early at Granny's too with her brother and sisters gathered to eat her Italian buffet of homemade pizza and lasagna.  Ethan had a great time playing with his cousins.  Pictured above is cute Miss Tori.
 I just love the bond that these two share!  I hope that one day my boys will be as close as Joshua and his brother Elijah.  They truly are best friends.  If there was a proper caption for the pictures above it would be that Elliot is not too happy about Ethan borrowing his elf hat.

Granny and Elliot had alot of rocking time. 
 We were so glad that Joshua's dad was also able to be down from Pennsylvania while we were up!  He was able to meet Elliot for the first time.
 These two pictures crack me up!  I think that Ethan is immit…