Someone I Want You to Meet

I met her for the first time two and a half weeks ago at the East Texas WAC, but I've been praying for her for years.  I felt like I'd known her forever after reading her missionary updates online, and the way she just glowed with Jesus love.  Then add in that we have several mutual friends and connections and it was really neat.  We were privileged to have her in our home for lunch not many days later and loved hearing about her life and travels. 

Judy Smith served in North Japan as a missionary for 17 years and ministered in churches, schools, camps, and other events. In 1991 she returned to the states and founded the Korner Kids Company were she uses her gift as a ventriloquist and story teller. She went to Brazil and did a "Kids Camp" while the missionary's had their field council, and knows the Aycocks well.  She has ministered in several of the Olympic Games including London, Bejing, and is already planning on minstering at the winter Olympics of '14 in Russia.
She now resides only a few miles from where we live, and makes First FWB Church of Henderson her home. She is such a lovely lady inside and out! What a godly example she is of Christ's selfless love.  Please, keep her in your prayers as she is in the midst of having a ministry center built for the Korner Kids Co.  What an awesome vision she has!


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