God's Mighty Hand

 I Peter 5:7 "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:"
Yesterday, our church hosted the East Texas Women Active for Christ (ETWAC) district meeting, and wow- God did work!  Our church praise team (modified to an all female ensemble) did a great job leading the music along with George and Heather Allen on the instruments.  Hearing testimonies of the Almighty healing of God and sharing in His goodness was such a blessing.  The morning didn't start out as such.  It seemed like after I woke up the evil one did all he could to discourage me from making it to the meeting on time...and while chaos was working it's way in my home it was also at work in the preparations for the meeting.  But with Jesus help I made it with time to spare :)  When I walked in the door I realized that one of our precious ladies (who was going to be in the ensemble) was battling her diabetes and was being carefully monitered.  She ended up getting down to a reading of 93, and Brenda (our in-church nurse) made the decision to drive her to the ER.  Before leaving we had a prayer of healing over her and when she checked her sugar in the hospital parking lot it had already made great improvements.
 Pictured above is Martha King.  She shared of God's mighty healing in her life, where even her Doctor (who was not a believer) said she was only alive because of God.
 Listening to Connie Carter is a breath of fresh air!  She reminded us of five areas we see God's hand- Creation, Salvation, Protection, Provision, and Healing. 

 Here's a few photos from nursery this morning of Ethan and his buddies :) Pictured above is Cannon.
 Ethan is definitely a little ham!  Whoopee!!!!!!!
 Cheesin' it up with his pal Devoni!
My sweet Elliot was sound asleep during the whole song service.  I just love his bib- it says, "This is what handsome looks like."


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