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How to S.O.A.P.

I am joining up with Good Morning Girlsfor the fall study of Colossians followed by the Christmas study and am so excited.  If you would like to learn more about the site or study click here.  I am a few days behind as I finished up my Waiting book, but this weekend is time for catch up and a great reminder of the S.O.A.P. method of Bible study.
If you aren't familiar with SOAPing it in Scripture, I highly encourage this method which will help you to soak in more of God's Word.  S is for Scripture and reading/ writing it out.  To actually take time and slowly write out the passage you are focussing on will help it etch into your heart and mind.  O stands for Observations, noting of repeated words or phrases, key words, thoughts, etcetera.  It doesn't hurt to jot down your key observations in a bulletted format.  A would be the application.  What does this passage mean for me? How can I apply it to my life to live out God's Word on a daily basis? Finally, P is the pray…

Waiting on Christ's Return

The third and final installment from my study of Andrew Murray's book Waiting on God.  I have been blessed beyond measure in reminders and lessons of the worship in waiting.  It was a bitter-sweet to finish the last chapter today; what a journey it has been and will continue to be.
While learning to wait on God, we cannot fully do so until we are waiting for the second return of His Son. I Thessalonians 1:10 "... to wait for His Son from Heaven."  Murray states, "The waiting on Christ coming from heaven to take us to heaven will give the waiting on God it's true tone of hopefullness and joy."  He later continues, "There is such a danger of our being more occupied with the things that are coming than with Him who is to come."  How often do we hear sermons or debate over the end times and the seven years that will bring judgment to the world, yet miss the best part that HE IS COMING TO TAKE HIS CHURCH HOME! What a shame to get caught up in the detai…

Waiting on God-Part 2

In the school of Waiting, one lesson that is utmost importance is to simply be still and know that He is God.  This may sound so obscure in the grand scheme of life, but if we truly sit at the feet of Jesus, remembering that he is the Great I Am, the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent One, the Son of the Highest, Creator of all, our life's breath then we will never have reason to fear the unknown future.  For He has been there orchestrating each event in our lives and knowing which path we will take.  What a relief to know that at his feet I can find restoration by simply waiting and knowing He is.
Merrimam-Webster defines wait simply as to stay in a place of expectation, to remain stationary, to look forward expectantly, to be ready and available, to attend as a servant.  The Old English form of the word is watch (as in watch for morning- refer to Part 1).  Waiting for the subway or waiting in line may not be very appealing, but for …

God's Mighty Hand

I Peter 5:7 "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:"
Yesterday, our church hosted the East Texas Women Active for Christ (ETWAC) district meeting, and wow- God did work!  Our church praise team (modified to an all female ensemble) did a great job leading the music along with George and Heather Allen on the instruments.  Hearing testimonies of the Almighty healing of God and sharing in His goodness was such a blessing.  The morning didn't start out as such.  It seemed like after I woke up the evil one did all he could to discourage me from making it to the meeting on time...and while chaos was working it's way in my home it was also at work in the preparations for the meeting.  But with Jesus help I made it with time to spare :)  When I walked in the door I realized that one of our precious ladies (who was going to be in the ensemble) was battling her diabetes and was being carefully monitered.  She ended up gett…

A "Mann"ly Visit

Last weekend we enjoyed a visit with Daniel, Melissa, Carlie, and Colby Mann.  Ethan just loved playing with his new friends!  It was great to hear their heart for God and His work to be done in the Chicago area.  We were glad that our church family responded so well to help with the future ministry of the Mann family and are excited to see how God uses this precious family.  To learn more about the church planting effort in Chicago click here. 
 September 9 was also an exciting Sunday because it was Oliver Luke Jones' first trip to church!  Now Elliot will have a little friend in the nursery!  Michael and Meghan are the proud parents of Oliver and his big sister Brandi.

Dear Fellow Mommys

I'm not one to advocate the "Super Mom" mentality, but I highly esteem Proverbs 31 living.  I just wanted to put a few links up for some fantastic blogs that encourage Godly living in all areas of our lives as women, wives, and moms.  We can all use a bit of encouragement and humor in our call to being our man's helpmeet and motherhood
So I hope you enjoy some of these articles from these fabulous ladies!

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Waiting on God- Part 1

Psalm 62:1 “My soul waits upon God from Him comes my salvation.”  “Ethan, be patient.”“Wait, son.”“Not right now; we’ll play outside after naptime.”After Ethan turned two, it seems as if our patience is in training together.  I am learning patience right alongside my two year old.  His energy and excitement make waiting very difficult for him...and waiting is definitely not one of my strong suites.I like to plan- to have the course of the day mapped out.When Joshua and I married, one lesson I learned quickly is that it can be fun to see what happens with out a plan, and just “play it by ear.”So many good surprises have come along in these three wonderful years we have been married. Ethan is definitely one of those blessings!  Yet, I still like to plan out our day…to know what the future holds.With God, I am learning that sometimes He gives you a glimpse of what the future may hold.But at other times, he simply says wait my child. 
 Currently, I am studying Waiting on God by Andrew M…

Summer Fun


Happy Grandparents Day

On behalf of Ethan and Elliot, we want to wish Papa, Nana, Granny Bebe, Grumpy Gramps, Memaw, Grandma Goff, and Grandma Horton a HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY!  In a little less than a month the boys will be giving you hugs in person, but for now; here's hugs via blog post.  XOXOXO 
We love you; miss you; and look forward to seeing you for a few days in October!

Sweet Smiles from Elliot


Ethan's CARS Party

This post is a couple weeks late, but I officially want to wish our first baby boy a Happy 2nd Birthday on the blog!  We love our precious lil' man so very much!  His birthday fell on a Sunday this year so after the evening service we celebrated his life with our church family and a CARS theme.  We kept the decorations low key this year, but still had a great time celebrating our precious gift from God.  When we asked him how he wanted his party decorated, he said BALLOONS so we made sure there were plenty of balloons!