Recap of Ethan's 22nd & 23rd Months

Rocky Point Lighthouse VBS
 I want to make sure and catch up on Ethan's "monthly progress reports" since the months of June and July have just flown by, and I have gotten behind.  June 12 our little man turned 22 months old. He participated in his first VBS- Rocky Point Lighthouse! Last year he was carefully observing everything.  this year, he loved all of it, but especially Music Time where he danced to "This Little Light of Mine" and game time outside. He did lots of coloring too which was a highlight. He's also been enjoying lots of soc-sickles with all of these above 100 degree days we've been having :) His favorite flavor is banana possibly because his favorite show is Curious George. He enjoys being outside as often as possible, and let's us know when he is due a play time in his pool.

 We took a trip to Houston the end of June with plans of taking him to the children's museum, but he became a Big brother on that fun trip! Ever since then he has just grown by leaps and bounds. He just loves his "Eyut" and loves giving him kisses. It is so sweet to hear him look for his brother and come to reassure him that "it's ok."  He likes to lay on the blanket beside Elliot and just pat his head.  I'm so thankful he loves his baby brother.

Waiting to meet lil' bro.
In July we celebrated Ethan's 23rd month with two early 2nd birthday parties! Nana & Poppa visited us the first week of July and Granny Bebe and uncle Lij (aka Buddy) were here last week. Ethan enjoyed a boys day out with Daddy & Poppa to the Lufkin zoo to ride the train and eat at 5 Guys. We rang in the 4th of July quietly at home since Elliot was only a week and a half old.  Then we went to the Louisiana Boardwalk with Granny & Lij. This month he learned to count to three all by himself!!! I am soooo proud of him! We also started working on the alphabet, colors, and shapes.

At the Boardwalk!
Ethan is so full of personality and life! He is funny, creative, inquisitive, and fast.  Even though he will be two this Sunday, he will forever be my baby!


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