Elliot's 2nd Month

August 22 marked Elliot's second month birthday.  This month Elliot made some big milestones such as SMILING, cooing, grasping, batting at objects, and focusing for longer periods of time.  He is now eating 4 ounces of formula at each feeding and is sleeping well at night except for two periodic feedings.  He is such a bright ray of sunshine and we love him so much.

Such a sweetie pie!

 On Elliot's official second month birthday we went on his first picnic to the Carthage park!
 Then later that week we took him and Ethan to the playground at Sonic (in Longview).
Elliot loves to be outside and hear his big brother play and have a good time.  I think he can't wait to join in on all of the fun.  We are finally finding a good rhythm for our days.  It officially took me about two months to get into a schedule with our two boys, but it is so worth it!  For awhile I was against scheduling our days, but it gives such a sense of order and we still leave room for flexibility to visit with Daddy or have a play date.  I am so glad that I get to stay at home with our boys!  Thank you, Lord, for the two treasures that you have let us enjoy.


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